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My enthusiasm for cars and working on them began in 1983. I used to help out at my Fathers auto body shop and cut my teeth working on my 1969 VW Bug. From there, my passion for autos focused on Porsche 911s. Working on cars has always come very easy to me and I found that talking with others about cars and working on them was also something that I loved to do.

After college, I began a career in business finance and ended up in graduate school where for 13 years I was the typical corporate finance guy….that had a passion for owning, working and now racing Porsche 911s.

13 years was long enough! I’d had it with corporate life and was tired of just “talking” about doing something else. So, I bought the auto shop that I took my German cars to in San Francisco and finally followed my passion for talking about and working on cars – German Cars

A Chance to Change Things

Since I bought Metric Motors of San Francisco in 2007, I have enjoyed working on growing and nurturing the company, mostly by modifying the business model so that I could begin to erode to negative association that hangs over the automotive service and repair industry.

Conceptually, it was easy:

  • First – focus on the highest level of customer service.
  • Second – provide complete transparency.
  • Third – get the cars serviced and repaired by qualified technicians using the best parts available.

“Challenging” is a huge understatement, but it worked! I not only have my employees but all of my clients to thank for an outstanding 100% + increase in business with continued growth year after year.

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My go-to mechanic.

After hopping around the city for years with varying success, I have to say that my search is over.

I stopped by in the morning unannounced with a serious oil leak in my VW GTI. They told me they didn’t have any openings that day but would take me anyway. They had my car ready by 5:00. Amazing.

–Tom K.

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